Yeaaaahhh! Barcelona Win the Champions League Finals!


Barça have done it! They've beaten Manchester United's 25-game unbeaten streak, and have taken the silverware in the Champions League title!

Of course, the live video stream cut out while I was watching the game (thanks to our company's lousy server), so I was forced to follow the game by reading the live ticker and chatbox on the UEFA site... in between customers' calls, of course.

Just catching the video replay of Lionel Messi's 70th minute goal, wow! Will post a link once the phones stop ringing...


  1. It's been a good year for Spanish football, having also won Euro 2008 last summer. I took advantage of the opportunity to wear my Spanish national team jersey out on the town...

  2. Heh, I wore my Barcelona jersey at work yesterday. Got a lot of comments... mostly snide.

    Who's laughing now?!


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