... and to think I only fell in once!

I took my pet camera for a walk today.

The original plan was to start at The Forks, and follow the river north to L'Esplanade Riel, The Waterfront, Juba Park, the Pumping Station + Alexander Docks, the Disraeli bridge, the Redwood Bridge, then walk along Scotia to Kildonan Park, then head over to Chief Peguis Trail.

Instead, I hung around The Forks, St. Boniface, L'Esplanade Riel, The Waterfront, and Stephen Juba Park. Took about 600 pics in all. I would have taken more, but I filled both of my camera's memory cards... (My ancient Olympus D-460Z uses 128Mb Smartmedia cards).

I ended up hopping the bus home, dumped both memory cards to my Linux box, then walked on over to Kildonan Park, via Scotia. Took a little detour to Louis Greenburgh Plaza and treated myself to a little history lesson, which you'll see in a later posting. I walked through Kildonan park for a couple of hours (snapping more pics and filling yet another card), completely forgetting I wanted to head over to Chief Peguis Trail...

I'll be busy this week as I finish my originally planned route, then sorting through the pics. I'm thinking of either starting a Flickr page, or resurrecting my old webpage to house the pics. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...

Here are a few samples of the pics I snapped today. Once again, I will remind my readers and casual browsers to read the copyright notice at the bottom of the page before trying to use any of these pics. This means you, CBC, CTV, and the rest of you thieving media jackals! ;)

What the...? Isn't that the Canoe Rental shack? Hmmm, so much for renting a canoe today...

Ich kein Englisch (oder Französiche) spreche...

This was as far as I could go, at least without hip-waders..

See the green bridge on the right? Ordinarily, the canoe shack is on the other side of it.

Get used to this face. You'll be seeing a lot more of it in the future. (Although I'll be a great deal more presentable...)

I urge all my readers to contact Premier Doer and demand an end to Parking Lot Medicine NOW!

Please use ramp? Okaaayyy, but...

... the ramp ain't much better.

They'll be adding "No Swimming" to this sign in short order, methinks.

A small part of this afternoon's work. There were a lot of people out and about today, taking advantage of the warmer temperatures.. at least until it started to rain.

Me being me:

While walking along the footbridge at the Forks, a woman stopped to watch me take a few pictures.

Woman: Are you from The Sun?

Me: Originally, yes. However, we found it was far too hot there to live comfortably, so we moved here to Earth. It's much nicer here.

Woman (flabbergasted): Wha...?

Me: Just kidding. No, I'm not from The Winnipeg Sun.

Woman: Oh, I thought you were a reporter.

Me: Worse. I'm a blogger.

Woman: Oh, I... see... (walks off)

Some people have no sense of humour.


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