Listen to the Rockingbird, Listen to the Rockingbird

(^Flintstones reference)

So, I bit the bullet. I'm now on Twitter (as conceitedjerk).

It's mildly interesting so far, my first impression is that it's a form of blogging (or RSS?) for people with short attention spans and/or ADD (which seems to be the norm nowadays).

Perhaps my opinion will change after I've used it a while. Perhaps not.


  1. I haven't really posted (tweeted?) anything yet - we're insanely busy here at work today.

  2. traitor!
    I tried Twitter, I thought it stunk, but that was just my opinion.

  3. I wanted to try it out, if only to see what all the hype was about.

    My feelings thus far haven't changed from my initial impression. The whole Twitter experience seems rather pointless unless you're "tweeting" with a cellphone, Blackberry or something. Then it makes more sense.

    Of course, me being an avid cellphone-hater...


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