On Inattentive Transit Operators, part II

A few months ago, I complained about bus drivers and the frequency of missed stops.

It's getting worse.

On the way to work yesterday morning, on four separate occasions, the bus driver failed to stop to let people off the bus. FOUR TIMES! He even managed to miss one guy waiting at a bus stop... come to think of it, it was the exact same guy I mentioned in the last transit-oriented rant!

Granted, shit happens. The drivers are only human, too, and have a lot to deal with from us ingrates who bitch when the bus arrives a minute late (or early). But events such as these seem to be increasing in frequency...

Sooooo..... guess whose turn it was today?

That's right. The driver missed my stop today. So naturally, I voiced my displeasure...

CJ: Oi! Matey! You missed my stop.

TT: Huh? Sorry. Where did you want to get off?

CJ: Back there on (cross-street).

TT: There's no stop at (cross-street).

CJ: Mate, I've been getting off at that stop for eight years. Don't tell me there's no stop there. Check your route map.

TT: (checks) Oh, sorry. I didn't see the sign. (Stops bus and opens door)

CJ: Lot of that going around lately. (exits bus)

In the grand scheme of things, it's not such a big deal.. so I had to walk a whole extra block (into a biting North wind, uphill both ways, carrying the warehouse employees on my back) to work this morning, big deal. But I'm an able-bodied guy. What would people think if this had happened to an elderly person with a walker? Or a mother with small children? Or anyone with a disability? Or a morbidly obese person who may have a heart attack and DIE if they had to take a few extra steps?

Geez, think of the fatties, for God's sake!


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