My Cycloptic Dilemma, part III

Man, am I in agony today!

Yesterday, on my way to work, a gust of wind blew the end of my scarf into my eyes. Ordinarily, this would be a minor inconvenience - one would merely brush the scarf back into place.

Well, my luck being what it is, a small strand of cat hair that was on the scarf ended up in my right eye. It got behind my contact lens and managed to scratch my eye pretty bad... I tried eyedrops to soothe the pain, but it was almost as though I'd spilled lemon juice on a cut - it just STUNG!

Turns out, it WAS lemon juice. Damn my poor eyesight!

I thereafter resolved not to store my eyedrops in the fridge.

Seriously though, once I got to work, I cleaned the lens out as best as I could, but to no avail. The moment I put the contact back into my eye, it stung even worse. So, back into its case the lens went.

I've been working with one good eye since then, and it is SERIOUSLY fucking up my perception. Staring at this bloody LCD screen all day is giving me a headache...

I'm almost tempted to go back to wearing glasses... something I haven't worn in over a decade.


  1. Hey man,

    Sorry to hear your tale of woe, I empathize with your predicament.

  2. Heh, no doubt!

    First we had 1eyedpecker, now we have One-eyed Jerk!

    Just don't start spotting dimes and eating onions.


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