SLP Heaven: The Continuing Saga

Some of you may remember my abortive little work-in-progress entitled "SLP Heaven" from a year or two back. Those of you who don't remember or aren't aware, don't worry... you'll soon know.

I'll spare you the synopsis, bile, and backstory, as I plan to have the project back online in the New Year, complete with new material.

(SLP, for those not familiar with the abbreviation, stands for Surface Level Parking)

Why the sudden interest in an old, shelved project?

Because, once again, a piece of Winnipeg history is facing the wrecking ball to make way for yet another surface-level parking lot.

If, like me, you're sick and tired of losing our city's heritage bit by bit to make room for modern "conveniences" , ill-advised "modernization", and to pander to the automotive/sprawl advocates, I implore you to join the Save Kelly House Facebook group.

Photo Copyright © 2008, Conceited Jerk Creative Media

If you're wondering what the big deal is about "some old house sitting alone in the middle of a warehouse district", check out everyone's favourite local historian for the full story!


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