Ikea! Ikea is coming!

That's all I've been hearing from a few of my female friends, and quite frankly, I AM FUCKING SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT ALREADY!

Ikea is NOT coming per se, they're merely looking at the market and seeing it has potential. (Original Winnipeg Free Press article). So don't get your hopes up until you see the building actually being built.

I'll admit I'm not a fan of Ikea. I've been (dragged) to a few stores in the 'States and don't see the big deal. I've helped assemble some of their furniture and felt it was rather poorly made considering how much some of it cost. Don't get me wrong, some of their products do look rather nice and would liven up my rather dreary West K house, but I've always felt Ikea offers poor value for the money. 'Sides, when I want faux-Scandinavian goods of dubious quality, I'll shop at Jysk.

Speaking of my dreary West Kildonan abode, I've been bitten by the home improvement bug again (still no fucking vaccination available).

I've been clearing out the Lab, getting rid of clutter and making room for Project Torquemada (my rack-mounted Unix server) which should be online mid-2009. Figured I'd better get Torquemada up and running to coincide with the renovations I plan to inflict upon my living room, which involves moving a few electrical outlets, installing network ports (still don't trust wifi), installing a new ceiling fan, and partially knocking down a wall to make a lunch counter/bar between the kitchen and living room... ugh, and replacing the flooring... and repainting...

Of course, by knocking down a portion of the kitchen wall, I'll have to move the cupboards that were previously there, and if I'm gonna do that, I may as well replace the fucking lot of 'em, as they're uglier'n sin... of course, that means I may as well repaint the kitchen , too, and while I'm doing that, replace the peel 'n stick crap on the floor with real ceramic tile...

Hmmm, then why not replace the exhaust hood over the stove with a nice new stainless steel one...? - with a nice new stove to match, but then I'll have to buy a similar stainless steel fridge, and if I'm doing that, I may as well pick up a stainless steel ceiling fan/light fixture too...

Christ, at that point, I'll be supporting the economy almost singlehandedly.


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