Friday, October 31, 2008

On Making a Little Instability Go a Long Way

Life's been dull since I killed off my home internet account.

In an effort to save a few bucks here 'n there, I cancelled my Shaw account - so no high-speed internet or digital cable television for CJ.

Meaning no soccer coverage, no Wikipedia, no forums, nothing!

Theoretically, this should free up a lot of time for working on my pet project, or so you'd think. Truth is, I've been slightly less motivated since my development box, a Sun Ultra 5, exploded.

Well, it didn't explode per se, rather the power supply failed quite spectacularily - with bright blue sparks and everything. So, until I pick up a new PSU, I'm kinda hamstrung.

With my pet project on ice for a week or so, and with no internet connection at home, I've been putting my Amiga 2000 to good use - such as superimposing (I fucking loathe the use of the word "photoshop" as a verb) a customer's face onto a large pink bunny costume, printing it out, and showing it off to my co-workers...

There's nothing quite like a bit of irresponsibility to liven up one's day!

With that in mind, I am arming myself to the teeth with ImageFX and Pagestream and dedicating the next week (or until I replace that PSU) to gathering source material and drawing up a few nasty but inoffensive pictures and, in a premeditated bout of poor judgement, leaving them in strategic public places for the unwary to see.

See you around (possibly sooner than you think),


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