On Word of Mouth

As some of you (the ones who haven't been trying my drink recipes) may have noticed, I've slowly been adding blogs to my blog-roll.

I've slowly been checking out other blogs in the vast blogging community (I loathe the word "Blogosphere"), and will be adding some of the more interesting ones as I find them.

I've found a few in the Blog Action Day participant list that I'd like to check out, but there were two others that were right there under my nose the whole time - Alex Reid: Canadian Citizen at Large, and DeanK's brand new blog, Diary of a Mad Mad Man (both are fellow New Winnipeggers). I recommend (order) you check them out!

In addition to adding to my blog-roll, I'll also be fooling with the layout, adding a few things and trying a few other things out, too. So don't be surprised if things look a little different every other day...


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