Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Word of Mouth

As some of you (the ones who haven't been trying my drink recipes) may have noticed, I've slowly been adding blogs to my blog-roll.

I've slowly been checking out other blogs in the vast blogging community (I loathe the word "Blogosphere"), and will be adding some of the more interesting ones as I find them.

I've found a few in the Blog Action Day participant list that I'd like to check out, but there were two others that were right there under my nose the whole time - Alex Reid: Canadian Citizen at Large, and DeanK's brand new blog, Diary of a Mad Mad Man (both are fellow New Winnipeggers). I recommend (order) you check them out!

In addition to adding to my blog-roll, I'll also be fooling with the layout, adding a few things and trying a few other things out, too. So don't be surprised if things look a little different every other day...

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