On Where the Grass is Greener

I've been thinking a lot lately - of pulling up stakes and moving.

Yeah, I'm bored with my life again, and I've been feeling the urge to really shake things up - and for a change, I don't mean martinis!

Firstly, I've been toying with the idea of selling the house and "going condo" - apparently now would be a good time to do it - but would need a convincing argument before I'd commit to the idea, regardless of what the CBC tells me...

A condo, as far as I'm concerned, is a novel idea. It's like an apartment, but you own it, can redecorate and remodel to an extent, and your neighbours in the next unit aren't "welfare cases" (as a friend of mine so eloquently put it). Add to the pot the fact I absolutely loathe yardwork, and a condo sounds pretty good.

Of course, taking the "condo fees" into consideration, it would probably be a tad cheaper if I kept my house, fixed it up, and hired a groundskeeper... or got married, had children, and paid them an allowance to do the yardwork... but I digress.

(Incidentally, are there any attractive, employed, drug-free single women out there? Age is not a concern, provided you're between 30 and 40-ish...)

My upcoming trip to Toronto also planted a few seeds in my already fertile mind... while I'm wandering aimlessly through T.O., why not check the job market? Apply to a few places now, and do interviews while I'm in town? Sure, it'd work, provided any such job would pay enough that I could enjoy my current standard of living (if not better) - yet somehow, I don't see that happening.

Besides, I've never been to Toronto, and can't be sure I'd want to live there never having visited first... So, this evening, I consulted my erstwhile sounding board - exgirlfriend Gail, who has been living in T.O. for nearly a year.

"Knowing you, CJ", she said, "You'll love it for about a year, maybe two or three, before getting sick of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I ain't telling," she teased, "You'll see when you get here in a few weeks".

"Well," I thought to myself, "Maybe this ain't such a good idea..."

Besides, as bored as I am with work, I really do like my job and couldn't see myself leaving. The company has been good to me for the past (nearly) eight years, and I really can't complain.

Hell, Winnipeg's been good to me, too, and even if I left, I'd probably hear it calling me back within a year, maybe two or three...

Now if only our Mayor and Premier hadn't opted for Bus Rapid Transit...


  1. Yes, there are.

    Don't go to Toronto, its Hell.

  2. On the contrary, I think CJ will love T.O.

  3. I agree, keep outa TO. Get a perm instead. That would be a change, much cheaper and it'll eventually grow out !

  4. Nah, I don't think I'd look good with a perm. Had a mohawk once, but that's another story...

    As for T.O., I've been getting the "don't go" vibe from most of my friends. I'll check it out, but sounds like I wouldn't want to live there.

    Maybe I'll just get married instead ;)

  5. Maybe you should switch some of your friends.

  6. If your two options are marriage or Toronto... maybe you should just get a dog.

  7. A dog? Nah, I don't think my three cats would like that...


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