On Falling Productivity

Just caught this on the CBC website:

"Canadians were less productive in the second quarter of the year, the third consecutive quarter of negative growth and the worst performance in 18 years, Statistics Canada said Wednesday.
Canada's national statistical agency said the country's productivity shrank by 0.2 per cent in the April-to-June period. The weak performance represented the third straight negative quarterly showing for this key economic indicator."
So, on a whole we're less productive, eh?

In my own case, I attribute a downturn in productivity to one thing or another, some days I spend more time there than I do actually working!

'Cause, hey, ya gotta have priorities!


  1. I'm sure your analytics program tells you where I visit from, therefore I feel no need to justify my lack of productivity. haha

  2. Oh, the analytics program probably does - if I could be bothered to read it!

  3. Besides, as I said before, I don't believe in justification ;)


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