Friday, September 5, 2008

On Dubious Distinctions

So, it appears Winnipeg is on the verge of losing two of its more dubious distinctions.

Mayor Sammy has revealed our city's new motto, "Heart of the Continent", which led to all manner of coronary jokes in the lunch room today (Are traffic jams now considered clogged arteries? When inclement weather shuts the city down, are we in cardiac arrest?).

With our new motto in place, we are no longer known as "One Great City", instead we are labelled with a broad geographic generalization...

On another note, it appears Winnipeg will soon be losing its title of Car Theft Capital of Canada, at least if the police have anything to say about it. This is a good thing in my eyes (even though I don't drive), and I hope we lose this distinction for good and are able to improve our image in the eyes of fellow Canadians...

These two little tidbits, while not earth-shattering news, certainly got me thinking... we have a few other distinctions I'd love to be rid of as well, most notably the title of Child Poverty Capital of Canada, but that's a story for next month...

I'd also love to be rid of the unofficial title of "Mosquito Capital of Canada" as well. Probably won't happen in my lifetime, but hey, I can dream!

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