First Date, Second Mortgage: The Courtship of Conceited Jerk

The dating game is getting a tad expensive.

I met a nice girl last week and, instead of my usual "get to know her for a while before making a move" routine, invited her out for a night on the town.

So, Friday we went out on our first date.

I borrowed a friend's car, as neither I nor my date own a (running) vehicle. The tank was virtually empty, so I pumped $20 worth into the tank, figuring we won't be doing a lot of travelling.

Whoa - twenty bucks doesn't buy much, does it?

So, I picked up my (lovely) date, and headed out for a couple of drinks while we decided where we wanted to eat. A couple of martinis later, we decided on a "middle-of-the-road" restaurant near Polo Park, had drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert, and decided to head out to a movie.

We watched our mediocre Hollywood action-yawnfest, scarfing down horribly overpriced junk food, then headed out for coffee.

After a couple of hours of great conversation, I dropped my date off at her place, said goodnight, and headed home.

Total cost? Nearly $200 for one evening.

It was worth every penny.


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