The countdown is on!

Only six more days until the start of Retrochallenge '08!

While I admit I've been preoccupied with one thing or another, I've managed to do a little preparing for this year's competition.

As I mentioned before, I'll be using my three favourite TRS-80 machines for the contest. As I'll be away on business for part of July, I've decided to bring Gibraltar (my TRS-80 Model 100) along for the ride, to take notes, write reports, and even to create spreadsheets when needed.

I have also picked up a few extra accessories that'll help me achieve my goals. First and foremost, I bought a copy of Lucid, a spreadsheet program on an Option ROM chip (takes no memory!) along with a couple of freeware apps to convert Lucid spreadsheets into Visicalc or CSV format for use with my other machines.

Secondly, I picked up a Tandy Portable Disk Drive 2 and a copy of TS-DOS on Option ROM, so I can now keep my files on disk instead of on the Model 100, thus freeing up my limited RAM.

Also making a comeback this year are the Acoustic Couplers for Gibraltar's built-in 300 Baud modem! I can't wait to tie up a public payphone again this year!

As for my specific plans, I'll go into detail on my official Retrochallenge '08 page located on my website.

Clock is ticking... I can't wait!


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