That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore...

I've dropped the title "Spirited Lethargy" from my as-yet-unrecorded podcast.

Had I recorded it when the idea first struck me, I could have capitalized on the "Spirited Energy" backlash... but like any true lethargic worth his salt, I couldn't motivate myself to do it and so its time has come and gone.

I'm trying hard to come up with a new title, but I'm not having much luck. Some ideas I've floated around in the past:

Bloody Knuckles - the name of a radio show I was planning to do a few years ago. A live forum whose premise was "Have some respect for a workin' man", and would be written for people (blue collar workers mostly) who work in the service industry - in my case, an industrial hose shop - and our daily interactions with lousy customers.

Sledgehammer Subtlety - another one I was toying with. I had a bit of a reputation for being obstinate, and would (metaphorically speaking) bludgeon people until they saw things my way. A former employer once described me as being "as subtle as a sledgehammer"...

Fortified With Iron - another blunt object reference. To scare one of my employees into behaving himself back in the day, I fashioned a nightstick/tonfa out of some black iron pipe fittings and jokingly threatened to "beat some performance out of him". The joke was that I was now "fortified with iron"...

Any of my faithful out there have any ideas...?


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