Something old, something new, and something postponed

It's gonna be a busy couple of months.

I'll be taking a break from all my creative projects for the summer, including the Spirited Lethargy podcast.


Simple. Euro 2008 is taking place as we speak, so that'll have my attention for much of June. I'm also trying to break my previous record for most money spent on Guinness in a one month period: $420 during the 2006 World Cup... I'm only at $60 so far - and far off-pace :( I could try to make up for lost time tomorrow, but I'll be attending the Iron Maiden concert, so no futbol & drinking for me.

The final week of June will be spent getting ready for this year's Retrochallenge, in which I will participate. For the entire month of July, I'll be living my digital life using nought but three of my old Tandy/TRS-80 machines from the early to mid 80's. Apart from a couple of minor issues I'm having, I should be able to make a go of it. The real challenge will be remaining productive while on a business trip to Edmonton halfway through the challenge.

Why do I do it? Because I can... and because I subscribe to a minimalist philosophy when it comes to computers and their functionality - that simple is better.


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