Podcast delayed until 6/01/08

I'm sorry to have to announce that the inaugural edition of Spirited Lethargy will be postponed until the beginning of June, owing to software issues.

The apps in question (Soundedit 16 and Deck II) simply refuse to run on any of my Macs, be they older 68K machines or newer (ok, less old) PPC machines. I enlisted the aid of a lifelong Mac devotee and even he's stymied.

So, until we get this resolved, I'm working on a back-up plan involving Quicktime Pro on Monaco (my iMac DV400) - but only as a last resort - just to make sure my "new" deadline is met. (EDIT: Turns out, Monaco doesn't like my microphone, the same cheap microphone I bought at Staples on clearance. Guess I'm gonna have to spend a little money...)

Unless any of my readers know of a multi-track editing app for Linux or Solaris 7, 8, 9, or 10...?

Or has a working Toccata card for my Amiga 2000...?


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