On Software Upgrades

I tried to install the latest ImageFX on my Amiga today.

No go.

Looks like whomever mastered the cd mastered it in ISO9660 and didn't use Joliet extensions, as the filenames on the CD are truncated to the old DOS 8.3 standard. Grrr...

The truncation also buggered up the file attributes, so nothing is "executable", thereby rendering the files useless.

No biggie, I'll just have to copy all the files from the CD onto my work partition and try to rename the files accordingly. Will take a little trial and error, but I will prevail.

Perhaps I should have bought the latest version of ArtEffect instead? Suppose I still can...

I've also found a couple of other handy graphics utils for my trusty ol' Amiga 2000: an EXIF tag editing tool (for my digital camera images) and a steganography tool for hiding data in graphics files... such as a copyright text ;)

Also found an Amiga iPod application suite, but I'll wait until I pick up the Subway USB card and a larger HD before downloading that...

(By the way, any comments telling me to upgrade to a "real" or "modern" computer will be deleted, so don't waste your energy. If I didn't heed that advice a decade ago, I sure as Hell ain't gonna do it now!)


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