On Overanxious Homeowners and Winnipeg Weather, part two

The voles did it.

While visiting my parents today for Mother's Day brunch, my dad showed off his dead front lawn. Turns out, both his front and back yards fell victim to voles over the winter. Killed it dead. Ate the grass roots and now nothing will grow.

He'll spend his evenings this week seeding the lawn and doing what yardwork he can do.

Me? I'll play it by ear. Ordinarily, I wait until after the Victoria Day long weekend to start my yardwork, but this year, I may start a week or so early, weather permitting...

This year, I'm planning to:
Tear up my patio

Dig up the car port and extend the fence to the back lane, laying sod both here and on the patio

and in a couple of years' time, tear down the garage in favour of an above-ground pool and deck.

Today, however, I'm taking advantage of the nice weather by blogging from my front yard.


  1. The garage looks like it's in pretty good shape. Maybe it can be lifted and moved somewhere. Get a few bucks for it.

  2. Not a bad idea, Cheren!

    Maybe use the proceeds to fund the pool and deck...?


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