On Mobile Blogging

So, my second "moblogging" experience with Nadia has been a tad, shall we say, pedestrian.

Armed with Nadia and my digital camera, I set out for Sal's sur L'Esplanade for breakfast this morning. I planned to sit back, enjoying a marginally edible breakfast and passable coffee, snapping a couple of pictures and uploading them live to my blog.

Didn't quite turn out as I'd planned.

First off, I left the camera's USB cable at home. Secondly, I don't have much of a view (apart from cloudy skies and leafless trees). Third, the place is packed, so getting out of my seat to take a few pics is out of the question.

Ah well, better luck next time. There's always next week.

On the subject of "moblogging", it's been nearly a year since last summer's Retrochallenge! Last July, I used my old Tandy Model 100 as my main portable computer, and used it on one occasion to blog on the go. I called it "RetroMoBlogging"... While sitting at Pastry Castle, I wrote my update in the Model 100's text application, then walked over to a nearby payphone, hooked up the Model 100's built-in 300 baud modem via a pair of ancient acoustic couplers, dialled into my Unix shell account via a phone card, and uploaded the text file to my home directory... from whence I posted it via PINE to my blog.

It was slower than Hell, but it worked. Gathered a crowd of curious onlookers, too.

This year's Retrochallenge is only a month and a half away, but I may not be able to participate as I'll be out of town on business for a week in mid-July. I was recently designated our branch's "Go-to" guy for all computer and systems training, and in my capacity as such, I've been scheduled to fly out to Edmonton for a week to attend a training seminar... Maybe I can work that into the Retrochallenge somehow...?

Also, with much of my time to be devoted to my creative endeavours such as this blog and my new podcast, I may not have time to participate this year... unless I work that into the plan as well...


Ideas, Ideas, Ideas...


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