Well, it's been a banner weekend for me.

First off, I've been sick over the entire long weekend. Got a touch of the flu that's been going around, giving me near-constant nausea and splitting headaches.

Didn't stop me from getting out, though. I hit Computer Boulevard Saturday morning for a new 80Gb hard drive for Cinq, my Sun Ultra 5, figuring I'd spend the rest of the weekend at home resting, and to pass the time I'd install Solaris 8 on the new HD.

The install went well, even managed to get the SunPCi card going (the SunPCi card is essentially a separate 400MHz PC on a PCI card), so I can run Windows 2000 in a window on my Solaris 8 desktop!

I spent much of yesterday tweaking the install and adding a few things (like SSL) to Cinq, and had planned to finish the job today (Monday).

That is, until my cable modem died.

At first, I thought it was just my hub, so I connected one of my spare
Unix boxes directly to the cable modem - no go.

So, I have to wait until later this week to pick up a new cable modem from their office.

Since I no longer have a dial-up internet account, I'm "stuck" using my wireless internet account at the various MTS hotspots around town, or using one of my older computers (such as the TRS-80 Model 4p I'm using right now) to access my shell account at
SDF Public Access UNIX System -


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