... and further still...

So, the Manitoba government has decreed that, by 2011, any automobiles older than the 1994 model year must be taken off the roads, unless they meet stringent emission control standards.

Being a former gearhead, I naturally have an opinion on this...

(which I'll share once the phones stop ringing here at work...)

** EDIT 06/02/08 **

Gotta do a bit more research on this one as my reliably unreliable sources (in this case, my boss) weren't sure whether this was a bill to be tabled or a law slated to take effect soon.

Will delve further into the subject in my podcast.


  1. Yup.

    Heh, we're doing our year-end at work this weekend, so I'm a tad busy.

    Up to my ass in alligators, actually ;)


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