Well, OK, ONE more thing....

Have to break my self-imposed exile again...

All I can say is, "Wow, what a weekend!"

Went to my cousin Kristi's wedding social (briefly). Caught up with some family members I haven't seen in years. It was great. Only had two cups of beer-flavoured water (Budweiser) at $4.50 a pop...

Sunday was great! I watched Bayern Munich beat Stuttgart 4-1, maintaining their place at the top of the Bundesliga. It was a great game (Schweinsteiger virtually owning the midfield, Ribery with two great goals in the space of one minute after being subbed in), but I was a little sad to see Stuttgart's Ludovic Magnin leave the field due to an ankle injury (Stuttgart being my "other" favourite Bundesliga team).

My parents invited my brother and I over for an "early supper", as they had a surprise for us. I was secretly hoping they'd won the lottery or something, but no such luck. After dinner, my dad presented me with a Bayern Munich jersey he'd bought on eBay! Very cool!

Shortly thereafter, my mom asked what my brother and I had planned for the rest of the evening... when we both replied "just relaxing", she pulled out two tickets for the Kids in the Hall show that was playing that evening!

The show was great, mostly new material with a few old favourites thrown in for good measure. Could have done with a few more skits, but all in all it was well worth the price of admission.

(Wore my jersey to the show and caught a few comments about it, too!)


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