There's gonna be an "accident"...

My TV is pissing me off.

It started displaying nothing but "snow" two minutes before my soccer match (Bochum @ Bayern Munich) started. It's now fourteen minutes into the game, I've missed what is supposedly a "great goal" against my team, and it's STILL displaying nothing but snow.

Nothing seems to be working... the TV has always done this, but usually clears up after about a minute or so. It's now been fifteen.

I've been waiting for this match all week.

If it hasn't cleared up in the next few minutes, there's gonna be Hell to pay!
**EDIT 11:56am **

Well, shortly after I hit Ecto's "Publish" button, I gave the TV a good beating, turned it off, then turned it back on. It learned its lesson, and gave me no trouble for the rest of the match.

And what a match it was! Lucio opened the scoring with a great goal, then I got to see my favourite player (Franck Ribery) score a great goal on a penalty kick, and also witnessed another favourite's first ever Bundesliga goal... congrats, Christian Lell!

My FC Bayern won 3-1. Shorthanded, I might add (Mark van Bommel was sent off in the first half).


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