On Thinking Big and Starting Small: Becoming One's Own Brand

I was invited to a seminar tonight by a co-worker/buddy.

It was interesting, for an MLM seminar. I'm more than a little skeptical about the product and the organization, and everything they presented I'd learned in my Intro to Business course during my brief stint at Red River Community College in 1992. But that's not the issue here.

No, I actually came away with something.

Well, perhaps more appropriately, I had an epiphany. This organization (which shall remain nameless out of respect for my friend) teaches one leadership, how to mentor, how to build one's self up, how to set and achieve goals, and more importantly how to build up the product, market it, and sell it, recruiting new members into the organization. Sort of how Amway or similar organizations work.

So, somewhere between the presentations and the hot brunette a couple of rows ahead of us, I had my moment of clarity.

Why do I need to sell your product when I can build myself up and become the product? Become the brand?

I already have my goal set, so step one is out of the way. I have the product (this useless drivel I've been spewing for over a decade), and I have the brand (my nearly sixteen year old nom-de-plume Conceited Jerk). And I have a small user base (you readers) already installed that can be increased with a little effort.

So, how do I increase the user base? By improving the product and having it sell itself, basically. As I don't actively promote my blog or abortive attempt at a website, all the hits I get are via word-of-mouth (hyperlinks, etc), through search engine hits, and from people who know me through web forums or the usenet.

How do I improve the product, then?

By giving people something interesting to read, see, hear, or experience. My perspective on things? Sure, but in what area?

Winnipeg Issues? Galston's got me beat. Ditto The Black Rod.

(Rapid) Transit? Nuh-uh. Jim and the gang have it covered.

Winnipeg History? Can't beat Mr. C.

Other newsworthy items? "Cherenkov is smarter than I am".

In the end, I decided to stay with my blog's original focus:
Everything. And nothing.
Whatever's on my mind. Whatever's happened to me that day. Whatever's pissing me off. Whatever.

ImageFX will be here soon. I have a ton of pictures to process. I have audio recording/editing software for my Macs.

There will be a podcast.

There will be graphics.

There will be changes.

There will be CJ.


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