On not-so-modern technology and financial waste

Well, I blew a whole pile of money on old computer stuff again. At least it's stuff I'll actually use...

I picked up another battery for Nadia (one that was guaranteed!), so I will once again be able to use my most powerful Powerbook on the go again... blogging and pestering the good folks of New Winnipeg wherever there's a wifi hotspot!

Also picked up the current release (4.5) of ImageFX Studio, the graphics software I use on my Amiga. I've been using ImageFX 2 for ages now and absolutely love it, so I figured I may as well upgrade to the latest version (and support one of the few companies still supporting the Amiga). It supports a lot more hardware and file formats now, which is a plus since I'm using a lot of previously unsupported hardware and file formats now. The fact that it can use Photoshop Filter Factory filters is a plus, too.

Of course, having a 14-Karat gold pen doesn't make one a better writer... neither does having the latest graphics software make me a better artist (or photographer... or designer...).

But as they say, practice makes perfect. I hope to have something interesting produced in the next couple of months.

Now, if only I could find a cheap Toccata card for my Amiga 2000, I could finally do that regular podcast...


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