On Modern Technology and Natural Selection

I've renamed the intersection of Edmonton St. and Graham Ave.

I'm calling it Darwin's Corner.

Why? Well, a funny thing happened on the way home from work today, something that had me thinking that Winnipeg's gene pool could use a little chlorine...

In the ten minutes I spent at the bus stop at the southwest corner of the intersection, I saw three different people, at different times, walk in front of a moving bus.

All three were crossing against the lights, when the bus had the right-of-way. None of the three were watching where they were going.

All three were too busy texting on their fucking cellphones to watch the road.

In fact, while one was trying to run north across the street to avoid the eastbound bus, he almost got hit by a westbound bus. Then had the nerve to gesture at both bus drivers, as if they were at fault. I felt like kicking the guy's ass for being such an idiot.

But it's not for me to decide.

If it weren't for the trauma and repercussions that would ultimately befall a bus driver (or truck driver, etc) and their families (and those of the victims), I would almost pray for a few of these jaywalkers to be hit and killed by large moving vehicles. If only to serve as an example to others... and a reminder that common sense really ain't all that common.

Call me callous, call me heartless, report me to the CHRC (heh), call me what you will. I truly believe that sometimes we need to have a bit of "bad" in order to bring about a greater "good".

Think how many people had to die before we, as a people, realized that we probably shouldn't have the radio that close to the bathtub...


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