My Cycloptic Dilemma

I lost a contact lens to freezing rain this morning.

I decided to take the #77 bus to work this morning, which is what started this whole... business. As such, I had to walk the four blocks directly into the wind. Two blocks in, at my halfway point of Powers and Kingsbury, a gust of wind blew the icy pellets right into my face.

I have a pretty good idea what it's like to be sandblasted.

After wiping off my face, everything looked out of focus. Turns out, the ice pellets had hit my face at just the right angle and subsequently knocked my contact lens right out of my eye.

Ever try to find a small, clear object in a pile of melting snow?

I gave up after about a minute.

So, now I have to go through the entire day with one good eye. I hope to Hell I don't have to make any hydraulic hoses today...


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