What kind of blogger am I?!

I was pissing around on the net at work on Thursday - mostly because it was a slow day - and so I decided to take the "What kind of Blogger are you?" viral quiz on the Blog Action Day site (see sidebar for link).

Despite my intense dislike of the arbitrary categorization and pigeonholing of society into neat little niches and minidemographics, I was bored, so I allowed myself to be arbitrarily categorized ;)

Apparently, I'm this kind of blogger:
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Nice to know how I fit into the Blogosphere (Ugh, that word makes me retch).

Speaking of fitting into the Blogosph--(vomiting sound) -- I mean "Vast community of bloggers", it's time I re-examine the focus of my blog. Originally, Conceit and Sociopathy was meant to replace the Main and Commentary sections of my website, where I would write about whatever was going through my head at the moment - be it social commentary, weirdness, current events, my cats, my work day, anything. However, my blog seems (from its inception) to have taken on a computer-centric slant.

Don't get me wrong, I love computers (even those ever-present fucking Windows PCs that the vast majority of the Human/Ovine hybrids that make up Western society seem to love to use), but I already have another computer related blog, so from here on in, all computer related crap will be posted there.

Which leaves this blog free for its intended purpose - saying what's on my mind in my usual less-than-polite, cynical, unrepentant, and ill-informed way...

... and on the odd occasion, saying or doing something positive. Tune in tomorrow to find out what I've been doing over the course of the last month. America's Al Gore would be proud, while our own politicians couldn't care less - they're too busy fighting amongst each other...O Canada, we stand on guard for thee...


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