Greetings from Cinq!

Damn, I love Unix!

I spent the last 30 hours of my life pissing around with different flavours of Unix, most notably Debian Linux, Solaris 8, and Solaris 10. Originally, I tried to install Solaris 10 on my Sun Blade 100, but to no avail. It wouldn't format the 15Gb drive inside the machine. So, I tried Solaris 8 instead... same result.

Undaunted, I threw the Solaris 8 CD into Cinq (my Sun Ultra 5)... and got the same result. It also wiped out the master boot record (or whatever it's called on Sun machines), essentially killing the install of Debian "etch" I had on there. So much for a dual-boot machine...

Remembering I had a brand-new, shrinkwrapped 80Gb drive sitting in the lab, I quickly instaled it into my Blade 100 and fired up Solaris 10. It took three hours to install, and runs slower than frozen shit, but once I'm through installing all the various updates, security fixes, and patches (e.t.a: 2 hours), I'll be able to tweak it a bit.

While waiting for Solaris 10 to finish updating itself, I decided to reinstall Debian "etch" on my Ultra 5 (as well as installing the brand-new 440MHz CPU I just acquired!). Took a simultaneous three hours to install, update, and tweak, but I've managed to get the machine to do almost everything I want it to do... such as interface with my digital camera, manipulate the pictures in The Gimp, and even morph them if I so desire. Once I can get Cinq to recognize my Palm m105, webcam, scanner, printer(s), and iPod, I think I'll be set.

Speaking of which, after playing around with The Gimp, I realized I finally have a suite of graphics utilities that compare favourably with the programs I use (and absolutely love) on my Amiga! And it's free (well, open-source) to boot!

So, I'm not far from reaching my goal of migrating completely to open-source Operating Systems and software. Well, Solaris isn't open source (far from it), but there are more than enough open-source apps available for it...

Anyhow, I'm rambling. I really only wrote this to test out the "Blog Entry Poster" app that came with Debian. Now that I know it works, I'm off to bed. I've been up for far too long and need a good nap.


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