Death in Service 2: Goodbye, old friend.

I've lost another one.

This time around, my beloved Macintosh LC 475 ("Vier") has passed on. The on-board SCSI controller is dead. Throws a bit of a wrench in my Retrochallenge plans.

I'm a tad heartbroken. Vier was my first Mac, bought in 2000 at a garage sale. He started life as a Macintosh LC, but was upgraded with an LC475 logic board, full 68040 w/FPU, and Farallon Dual Ethernet card. I credit Vier with rekindling my waning interest in computers, as well as getting me hooked on Macs, and in a roundabout way, freed me from being shackled to Microsoft Windows (which, I am proud to say, I don't use outside of work).

Vier will be missed.


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