Cutting-edge and Decadence part III: Enter the Grimaldis

I'm a happy man.

I'm posting this from my second Mac OS X machine, my 400MHz slot-loading Indigo iMac, aka "Monaco".

About a month ago, I realized how much I missed using Nadia and OS X, and started searching various sites on the net, trying to find a new logic board and CPU for my beloved Powerbook. When I couldn't find anything that was reasonably priced, I was about ready to consign myself to using my old 68K Macs or my Linux PC forever.

Then it hit me... didn't I just buy a "broken" $15 iMac for experimental purposes?

Just for grins, I hit eBay so I could price out iMac upgrades. Suddenly, my $15 eBay special became something more.
So, I shelled out $200 US (or thereabouts) for a gigabyte of RAM, a slot-loading DVDROM drive, an official "puck" mouse, and an adapter for the Airport card I'd bought for Nadia (not knowing it was incompatible with my Powerbook). The resulting transformation was astounding.

He went from a beat-up, "non-working" cast-off from a school district to my new "main machine", hereafter known as "Monaco". Arguably my most powerful home machine and also my first computer to reach a gig of RAM. Not to mention my first wireless machine.

I'm ecstatic that I can run OS X again. I can finally update my iPod, dump the pics from my digital camera, and blog with Ecto again.

Happy Easter, folks!


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