Cutting-edge and Decadence part II: Whys and Wherefores

Lately, I've been writing a lot about older computers. While originally not within the scope of this blog, they're an important part of my life.

I have three passions in life: computers, writing, and nonconformity (I am an Aquarius, after all!). I enjoy building, upgrading, and using computers, especially uncommon or outlandish ones. I find it to be somewhat of a challenge keeping them useful in this world of constant upgrading and planned obsolesence. I especially love portables, so I can write or take notes wherever I go, and I love watching people do a double-take when I'm sitting at a cafe or lounge working away on some ancient or bizarre laptop.

However, I've come to the conclusion that life is passing me by, technologically speaking. While functional at a basic level, most of my older hardware is simply not capable of delivering the kind of functionality I'm going to need, at least without a whole lot of effort. Effort I'm not so sure I want to expend.

I acquired a taste for blogging-on-the-go when I started using OS X on my Lombard. I quickly discovered Ecto, a great blogging tool, as well as Shrook, a freeware RSS reader, both of which got me hooked on blogs, RSS feeds, and (indirectly) podcasts. Nadia may be dead and gone, but the desire to blog remains. And now, there's something new...

First the Transit Riders Union got me interested in civic planning/transit issues. The New Winnipeg community cemented that interest. Then, I discovered, which really clinched it for me.

I've said I wanted to be more civic-minded, so I've decided to become more involved. I want to write, to be able to contribute in a timely manner, in as few steps as possible. I want to be able to update my blogs or pages wherever I am, whenever I want.

But unfortunately, my older hardware won't cut it. It's time for something new.


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