The 68K Mac's place in the "modern world"

Stubborn determination, or exercise in masochism? Perhaps a hobby taken to a ludicrous extreme?

[*picture to follow*]

Whatever the explanation, I find myself at the keyboard of my 25MHz Macintosh LC475 (aka "Vier"), slowly yet happily plugging away on Blogger. Experiencing Web 2.0 as no one should.

I don't know why I do it. I have this insatiable need to push "Vier" to the brink, to wring every ounce of performance I can from the machine. And you know, I've never been disappointed! Vier is robust, and very resilient, and has handled everything I've thrown at it and come back wanting more. Which drives me to find new, more modern challenges...

I've been a member (recruit?) of the 68K Mac Liberation Army for about a year now. I enjoy reading the forums, and in that year I've learned a lot about the hardware and applications. It was through the 68KMLA that I learned about the Retrochallenge.

I won't go into detail about the Retrochallenge (look it up!), but members of the 68KMLA's Retrochallenge forum have inspired me. I absolutely HAVE to do something creative with Vier, but what?

As usual, the answer was staring me in the face all along... Regular Podcast! I've been wanting to do a "low end" podcast for a year now, but never really followed through with it. Now that I've been suitably inspired, it should prove to be a challenge both in terms of writing AND production. Can I create interesting and entertaining content consistantly? Can I produce it exclusively on Vier?

Sure. But will it be enough to satisfy me? Or will I put Vier through the grinder on an even bigger project after that?


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