First steps towards the Retrochallenge

I've started preparing for the Retrochallenge!

I've decided upon Vier as my "main" retrochallenge system, but I can't seem to decide on a tag-team partner for him...

Vier's partner will be a Powerbook, to be sure. I just need to figure out which one. I have three 68K Powerbooks to choose from, with a possible fourth 'book (a Duo 210) from eBay on which I'm bidding.

I have a flaky Powerbook 145b, an equally flaky Powerbook 170, and my Powerbook 540c (which I've nicknamed Sayaka, after Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger-Z).

Originally, I wanted to use Sayaka, however she'll be the most expensive to upgrade. I need to pick up a battery and a PRAM battery (total cost: $150 USD) in order to use her on the go. Not exactly cheap.

The 145b and 170 are decent options. Both would require me to pick up an AC adapter, PRAM battery and power battery, which would likely cost me around $100 USD. Again, not cheap.

The Duo 210 would be an attractive option, but also expensive. I'd need to track down a battery, likely a PRAM battery, a DuoDock and/or external Duo floppy drive. Not cheap, but the Duo's tiny size makes for easier portability, which would be well worth the cost.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, but I will have made a decision around this time tomorrow.


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