The Triple Whammy...?

Ended up going back to Misericordia Hospital again Friday after work.

I've steadily been getting better, most of my symptoms have gone, and my medication has run out. However, last Tuesday I started coughing up blood...

I haven't been hemorrhaging or anything, just had small amounts of blood in my sputum any time I had a coughing fit. The boss got worried and took me to the hospital himself.

So, after the super-cute nurse examined me, she handed me a magazine, smiled at me, and said "There are a few charts ahead of you...", which apparently means "Hope you didn't have any plans tonight..."

An hour and a bit later, an obviously overworked doctor came in. She listened to my breathing and heart, examined my ears, nose, and throat, and said "You're fine. You likely ruptured a few capillaries when you were coughing, which led to blood in your sputum. So go home!".

Ended up meeting my new friend Karen at a cafe near the hospital (we'd had plans to meet earlier, but being at the hospital sort of killed that...). We had a few coffees and some pastries (both of which were great) and shared an interesting conversation.

All in all, it wasn't a bad evening. Apart from being late for a date 'cause I was in the hospital.


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