2003: a Look Back at a Lousy Year

2003 was nowhere NEAR as hectic or groundbreaking as 2002, but it had it's share of events.  While maybe not lousy per se, it wasn't exactly one of the better years of my life.  Events during January essentially set the tone for the rest of the year:
Dena and I split up three weeks before our one-year anniversary and my 30th birthday, ending my association with her, her friends, and Spirit Haven (Too bad, I really learned a few things about spirituality, albeit in a watered-down "Pagan-lite" fashion).
Took up drinking again, although not heavily.
Bought my first Macintosh laptop, a Powerbook 160 with Japanese language kit.
Bought my first two Powermacs, a 6100/60 (from eBay) and a 7200/120.  Love is PPC.
My cousin Lyle is hired on at my workplace, two weeks later an old coworker of his is hired.
Overtime becomes a regular thing at work AGAIN, although this year I worked longer hours (17 hours one day! Year end total: 255 Hrs)
Began to withdraw from any social interaction
One of the more, well, non-productive guys is fired from work.  Too bad, he was a good guy, but I guess it wasn't for him.
Lost touch with some of my friends, most of whom are gone for good
Got to see my brother's band play one of their first shows. Very cool!
Finances become, well, abyssmal.  Cut several things out of my routine, including going out and having fun
In an effort to stay home more, I subscribed to digital cable TV and high speed internet
Began cooking and eating more meals at home
On my vacation in August, I started drinking coffee.  I am now up to 5 cups a day (twitch twitch)
Bought another Powermac 6100/60AV at a garage sale, and a Powerbook 5300 on eBay, bringing my total number of Macs to eight!

Got the Sparc Station 10 running properly.  I am now somewhat proficient at Unix and Linux
Overtime finally ends
Gave up drinking pop, except when Karl and I get together
Lost my best buddy in the world, my 13 year-old Maine Coon kitty named Cane, when he got a kidney infection and had to be put down.  (I miss you and love you, my best buddy!).  
The resulting depression causes me to withdraw further from social life
I inherit my parents' old minivan when they purchase a new one.  I have wheels again! (it died a few times but we got her going again)
Karl and I got involved with the Dreamcast scene
eBay is now a way of life for me
After realizing I spend too much time watching TV, and also realizing my creative output was at zero, I got rid of my digital cable TV.  (Oddly enough, I don't miss it!)
Cleaned myself up a bit and am now back in the social world.  It's good to be back!
Realized I actually LIKE my job!
Bought a Macintosh SE, the "oldest" Mac in my collection.  I may be able to do something USEFUL with it!

The "Rec Area" of the basement is born, after buying a 25-inch colour console TV for $24.99! Soon to follow were end tables and speakers...
Had a great Christmas, and the resulting "loot" received has given rise to "The Kitchen Project", slated to begin Mid-2004.
Had a decent New Years' Eve, too, thanks in part to the "Rec Area".
Realized that Windows has its place, even on MY computer... although it doesn't get a lot of use...
So there we have it!  While it started out pretty lousy, and REMAINED pretty lousy until Autumn, 2003 ended quite well, setting the ground work for the next year!  2004 is already shaping up to be "MY YEAR", so look out, CJ is on the move!

CJ's note:  I don't recall 2004 being "my year" either.  Nothing stands out in my mind as being particularily memorable.



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